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HMI Essentials

HMI Essentials & Installation Kits

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Curated glass installation tools. Brilliantly designed and engineered with our trademark attention to quality and detail.

Picture this.

You’ve hauled multiple panels of glass up a flight of stairs, around some tight corners and into your client’s bathroom. You and your team are sweating from the exertion and the adrenaline of making sure nothing goes wrong.

As a professional glazier, you’ve seen your share of glass compromised, walls banged up and just about everything else that can go wrong in this trade. But everything seems to be smooth on this job.

Wait. No drill bits? You’re joking.
You’re out of silicone, too? Ugh.
Your smooth install just took a turn.

Introducing HMI Essentials - Tools for the Glass Trade. A curated collection of the things you need to get the job done right (and smoothly!) the first time.

Quotation Mark

There are items that every glazier uses on EVERY install, and our line up has the right ones. You have to drill holes to install a shower, silicone is used on every job… adding these to your order keeps your team moving in the field. Time = money.”

Leading Blue Line Rob Underwood
DIRECTOR Tech Design & Customer Care

Essentials Bag
Tool Kit

The line up of products includes:

• HMI Glass Cleaner (industrial strength)
• Clear Plastic Setting Blocks (3 sizes)
• 25’ Measuring Tape (bright green to be found easily on the site!)
• 12:1 Ratio Caulk Gun - With oversized handle and trigger
• Drill Bits - Carbide tips, both “V-Groove” and Porcelain Spear in multiple sizes
• HMI’s X.3 ® Silicone - with 50 year durability
• Palmer - Quick-Set Mirro -Mastic
• Palmer - SuperSet Mirro-Mastic
• Palmer - Traditional Mirro-Mastic
• HMI Torpedo Level
• HMI Essential Levels (2 sizes with or without carrying case)
• HMI Canvas Tool Bag - rugged and reliable
• HMI Trucker Hat - represent in style

Why pay retail for the tools you’ll need every time? When you add HMI Essentials to your glass order, they’ll arrive with your unit on our truck. No additional shipping charges apply. Your team saves themselves running around last minute. And any item(s) can be defaulted in your account to be added to your order automatically!

But wait, there’s more. We’ve also singled out the true MUST HAVES and bundled these items at up to 35% off list price when ordered at the same time as your complete glass unit. Our 4 distinct Installation Kits are those items that you’ll wish you hadn't left behind.

Basic install Kits include:

.188 Porcelain Spear Tip Drill Bits (2 units) plus a tube of HMI X.3® Silicone
.250 Porcelain Spear Tip Drill Bits (2 units) plus a tube of HMI X.3® Silicone

Make your kits ‘Deluxe” by adding a can of HMI Professional Grade Glass Cleaner. (A great leave behind “gift” after use for your customer.)

Quotation Mark

In today’s times with workforce shortages and rising prices, it made sense to create an affordable consumable product line to help our customers. These new install kits save our glaziers time and money - working smarter not harder is the name of the game”

Leading Blue Line Jason Willis
Director of Product Development

Keep it simple, keep your team moving. Let your HMI Technical Design Representative know you’d like to add Installation Kits to every order - and let us help make EVERY INSTALL smooth!

For the full catalog of HMI Essentials and our Installation Kit Flyer, click here.

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